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Nickerson Community Garden

Community Garden
Community Garden
Community Garden

The Nickerson Community Garden was established by Linda Birney in 2017.

They have a small group who are working the land and planting fruits and vegetables for the communities benefit.

The Nickerson Senior group donated the storage shed for the  garden group to use and the Nickerson City Council is donating the water for the garden.

Anyone interested in helping out with working the garden or donating supplies can contact Linda Birney or Jeanette Herdt.

10'x20' plots rent for $10 starting in October through March 1st. Tools and storage shed are shared.

They are also looking for anyone who may benefit from the garden. Please contact them if you or anyone you know would like free fruit and vegetables at harvest time.

Linda Birney 620-200-9959

Jeanette Herdt 620-422-3492

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